Our Platform

Proposing Bold New Ideas

Revolutionize JSAZ

  • House of Commons – Common JSA statesmen and women, by the census of chapters, will be elected by their chapters to be elected Representatives. These Representatives of the HOC will vote on local issues for local, common chapters. The HOC will also act as a Check and Balance to the League of Chapter Presidents. The voice of the common people will be heard!

Winter Congress

  • In a single term, we would lay the foundation and building blocks for a future Winter Congress. We will construct a timeline that future Governors will follow, so that WinterCon is not pushed on one term.
    • Some of you may have called out my promise to host a Winter Congress during my term. It is my obligation to assert that I was mistaken. – E.B 🇺🇸
      • “This Administration intends to be candid about its errors; for as a wise man once said: ‘An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.’ We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors; and we expect you to point them out when we miss them.”

        – John F. Kennedy

The Percent Project %

  • JSA Merchandise (t-shirts, sweaters, hats, etc.) sold with a percentage of the revenue splitting with non-profit organizations that appeal to consumers across the spectrum. You’ll get a rocking JSA t-shirt, all while benefiting causes and organizations that benefit humanity. We’re not only selling merchandise, we’re selling causes! The TPP will be facilitated by both Activism and Fundraising.

Chapter Siblings

  • Chapters will be paired on the basis of strength, so strong chapters with consistent delegates will be put with chapters who have a weaker member base. Sibling chapters can learn and grow from one another, as well as participate in bonding events like movie nights and joint activism projects.

The First 100 Days

Public Relations Department

  • Public Relations (PR) will be responsible for getting JSAZ’s name out in the world. PR will be the one contacting existing politicians and new agencies, organizations; advertising JSAZ to the world. The Director of Public Relations will be accountable for creating a lasting bond with transportation companies to create an affordable program to assist statesmen’s access to conventions.

Training for Cabinet

  • A fun orientation hosted by JSA Alumni and experienced former cabinet members for new Cabinet members to train in order to ensure the best qualified cabinet to date.

League of Chapter Presidents

  • Chapter presidents have conferences with the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Chief of Staff and discuss ways to improve each other’s chapters, share ideas, and vote on legislation. Ultimately it is our duty to get Chapter Presidents involved and connected!

Development Department

  • A new Cabinet position that works with the Director of Fundraising to find grants for various events and transportation for those out of reach chapters!

State of the Union

  • A monthly briefing for the people of JSAZ; hosted by the Governor in order to address progression and future fundraisers, projects, and conventions.

Newsletter Department

  • Monthly newsletter; Editor on Cabinet (i.e Press Secretary), compiles facts and opinions of CP’s and members of JSAZ to produce news and editorials.  The newsletter will be a branch of the Technology department.

Reforming the past

Updating the Constitution of Arizona

  • The current Constitution still explicitly states that the state of Arizona is a “territory”. The existing Constitution of Arizona will be updated and be the immediate first act under the new founded League of Chapter Presidents.


  • No longer will the bill be forced on Cabinet. Individuals appointed on Cabinet will not be forced to pay any forms of monetary value for fundraising and/or donations unless it is voluntary. In addition, there will be no penalties enacted on any individual that fails to fundraise the projected “goals”.
  • The Percent Project will be the main plan to ensure lasted annual scholarships.


  • Expansion agents will be appointed based on location of desired expansion for the state of Arizona.


  • The major priority of CIA will be to connect chapters with Cabinet. It is incumbent for the success of JSAZ that Cabinet members connect with everyday statesmen in order to understand and comprehend everyday chapter struggles.


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